(not eutectic)

In chemistry and nanotechnology, the word eutactic (not to be confused with eutectic) refers to systems with precise molecular ordering, such as crystalline solids with sparse defects, and nanomechanisms.

I’m a grad student specialising in computational chemistry. My research interests include the chemistry of metallacalix(n)arenes, small molecule activation via biomimetic transition metal complexes, and quantum mechanical methods in computational chemistry, especially Density Functional Theory. My PhD research focuses on computational investigation of synthetic Photosystem II Water Oxidising Centre analogues, using DFT. A variety of biomimetic transition metal systems show considerable promise in addressing ecological and economic problems as diverse as the need for photosynthetic routes to hydrogen fuel, facile production of complex molecules from highly inert feedstocks and the catalytic decomposition of nasties such as CO2(g).


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